The Physician Reentry Into The Workforce Project is involved in a number of endeavors. Information is provided here about some of our current and past activities and projects.

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Maintenance of Practice™

In the summer of 2009, The Physician Reentry into the Workforce Project launched the Maintenance of Practice™  initiative to develop resources to help physicians who plan to leave the workforce, but intend to reenter in the future, plan ahead, hence the the use of the term Maintenance of Practice™. An important by-product of this initiative is to work to encourage physicians to actually engage in some strategic career planning prior to leaving the workforce.

The Reentry Project has assembled a team of knowledgeable individuals representing a number of organizations and medical specialists who are currently working on this project.  As materials and resources become available they will be posted on this Web site.

Physician Reentry to Clinical Practice: Overcoming Regulatory Challenges Conference

In May of 2010 the American Medical Association hosted this conference in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Federation of State Medical Boards to identify components of a model physician reentry system that supports the needs and expectations of a variety of constituents, including physicians, state medical licensing boards, medical specialty boards and other groups responsible for developing reentry programs.

Physician Reentry into the Workforce Conference

In the fall of 2008 the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) and the American Medical Association(AMA)  hosted The AMA-AAP Physician Reentry into the Workforce conference. Selected presentations from this conference are provided below:

Information on Physician Reentry Research

The Physician Reentry Into The Workforce Projects receives many inquires for information on the Reentry Project and delivers many presentations on this topic. The following presentations address these issues:

  • 2007 Pediatric Academic Societies Poster on Physician Reentry: The AAP collaborated with the Association of American Medical Colleges and others to field a cross-sectional survey on work patterns of physicians 50 years and older. These data were presented at the May 2007 Annual Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies.
  • Physician Reentry in Arizona  Mary Rimsza, MD, FAAP and Mark Speicher, PhD have studied the data on physicians who reenter the workforce in their home state of Arizona. Using licensure data from the Arizona Medical Board and the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners, they focus on those physicians who not only leave and reenter the workforce, but also change their designated specialty. Reentry and remediation resources for physicians are also provided.

These findings, posted with the permission of the authors, were originally presented at the Third Annual AAMC Physician Workforce Research Conference, Bethesda , MD, May 2007, and updated in September 2007.