Maintenance of Practice™


In the summer of 2009, The Physician Reentry into the Workforce Project launched the Maintenance of Practice™ initiative to develop resources to help physicians who plan to leave the workforce, but intend to reenter in the future, plan ahead, hence the the use of the term Maintenance of Practice™. An important by-product of this initiative is to work to encourage physicians to actually engage in strategic career planning prior to leaving the workforce.

Maintenance of Practice Team

The Reentry Project assembled a team of knowledgeable individuals representing a number of organizations and medical specialists who  worked on this project.

  • Susan Rudd Bailey, MD
  • Freda Bush, MD
  • Claudette Dalton, MD
  • Frank Dornfest, MD, MFGP(SA), FAAFP
  • Elizabeth S. Grace, MD
  • Ronald H. Labuguen, MD, FAAFP
  • Lawrence Nazarian, MD, FAAP
  • Stephanie M. Radix
  • on Thomas, MD, MBA
  • Beverly P. Wood, MD, MSEd, PhD, FAAP

Physician Reentry into the Workforce Project Staff:

  • Holly J. Mulvey, MA, Co-Director
  • Kelly J. Towey, M.Ed., Co-Director
  • Diamond Lanier, Project Assistant


The Maintenance of Practice Project has updated the publication,  Physician Reentry: What Employers Need to Know

With the knowledge and understanding that good physicians are a valued resource, employers across the country are finding that communities, patients, practices and healthcare systems benefit tremendously from helping good physicians return to clinical practice.

This newly updated publication provides information, useful tips and recommendations to aid the employer who is considering hiring a reentering physician or is looking for ways to assist physicians who are preparing to leave clinical practice and later reenter. Physician Reentry: What Employers Need to Know, 2015 edition

Other Maintenance of Practice Project publications you may be interested in:

A Physician Reentry into the Workforce Inventory- 2014 edition

This publication provides practical checklists and information designed to help physicians who are contemplating leaving clinical practice to employ strategies that will enable them to maintain their practice skills and to engage in the practice of life long learning. While these checklists were initially designed for physicians, much will be relevant for health care providers in other disciplines. It was updated in early 2014. View the 2014 edition of the Inventory.